Vertix Creations is a "Production House", which aims to reach out directly with individual audiences, by providing them Fresh Stories, Exclusive Content, Original Shows and Movies.

And all these qualities we are going to provide you on your fingertips by Video on Demand Subscription based option (SVOD). 

                Though, We are an arising production house, we are determined to give you the best qualities of Media Solutions. In the last few years, we had Teams which worked as a freelance associates for Media Solutions, Movies, TV Shows etc. with some incredible brands and thus contributed to their brand value too. And after a successful journey of learning experiences here we Emerged as a Company, 

As a Film & Show Maker, Documentary Maker, We are doing film shoots specially all over India, to give our Audience the feel of our Incredible India. "Bollywood" is the leading film producer in the world, And we proud to be a part of it. We have our highly skilled Production Team, Camera Crew, World class Post Production Facilities & Studios, blend with the cutting age technology.

We have also our associated Film & Video Production Companies, Ad Agencies, Film Directors, Documentary & Corporate Filmmakers looking for next Projects in the country of colours & cultural diversity!

We are in to Different Categories of Entertainment Industry. We are Currently working on Music Videos, Web Series, TV Serials and Movies. Documentary Films & Ad Films are also in pipe line. We are not bound with any language barriers. As we are making our projects in our Mother Tongue "Hindi" , also we are widely working in Marathi language and other regional languages. 

We are proud to say that we are shining & excelling in Film & TV Industry, Entertainment Industry with our hard endeavors, thus our Projects. 

"Vertix Creation is a Dream, a Promise that is Determined & Dedicated to give you Quality & Pure Entertainment." - Pramod Kamble (Founder & CEO)